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The only EV news, research, features and reviews platform on the entire EV eco system in India.
Launched on 15th August, 2022, EV STORY is an Indian company, registered and headquartered in Hyderabad, the tech city of India. The company is co-founded by Biju Mathews (Hyderabad) and Sheldon Santwan (Mumbai), both of whom are business media professionals with a combined expertise of over 50 years, across various industry verticals in print, online and digital media.
EV STORY.in the company’s flagship Website, contains a wealth of information on the Indian EV industry. Our team of writers, who are based all across the country, consists of media professionals and EV experts, who are single-mindedly dedicated to a common goal of creating the most comprehensive resource of information and news content on the Electric Mobility Sector in India.
We are sure you will enjoy reading this Website, our first EV venture. And we can assure you that we have many more initiatives planned with EV Story.
As always, we will look forward to your feedback...

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