Bharat Charge Alliance promoted LEV DC Charging standard gains stronghold

April 5, 2024
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Pune, April 5, 2024:  The Bharat Charge Alliance (BCA) is an initiative that seeks to address one of the most significant barriers to EV adoption - the lack of a standardized, accessible, and reliable charging infrastructure for Light EVs in the country. By promoting interoperability, the Alliance is set to ensure that EV owners can seamlessly charge their vehicles across a network of stations, regardless of the vehicle's make or model.

To accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in India, leading companies in the EV charging infrastructure sector, Log9, Trinity Cleantech, Altigreen, ETO Motors, Pulse Energy, ChargeZone with its mobility platform Billion Electric & EVnnovator along with Tork Motors have come together to unite their forces under the Bharat Charge Alliance umbrella. This collaboration is aimed at establishing an interoperable charging network that promises to transform the EV landscape, particularly for two and three-wheelers, across the country.

Adding to the momentum, Log9, a pioneer in advanced battery technology, and Trinity Cleantech, a leader in sustainable energy solutions, have already announced their partnership as members of the Bharat Charge Alliance. Under this agreement, Trinity, under its brand name Thunder+ plans to set up 2000 public charging stations across India by the end of next fiscal year. 

This collaboration is aimed at promoting the Type 6 (IS 17017-2-6) DC fast chargers, building an interoperable charging network under BCA’s LEV DC (IS 17017-25 adopted) standard and Unified Energy Interface (UEI) based payment mechanism powered by Beckn protocol that not only supports the growing demand for EVs but also aligns with India's sustainability goals.

Type 6 connector which can support up to 125A continuous charging current is also gaining popularity among e3W (L5) OEMs like Altigreen, ETO Motors & Surja Automotive whose vehicles have larger battery packs. Moreover, this connector which is globally approved, is now locally manufactured by top connector makers in the country which is helping in reducing the cost.

ARAI, India’s leading testing and certification Agency has already built the validation and testing capability for IS 17017-2-6 connector and IS 17017-25 protocol.

Earlier, Tork Motors had joined hands with Log9 to enable customers of both brands to utilise their chargers and charging network, which is also based on BCA’s LEV DC interoperable standard, further endorsing the interoperable charging framework. 

Moreover, Pulse Energy, a key player in smart charging solutions, has partnered with ChargeZone, a network of over 20 charging networks, to provide unified and seamless charging experience and expand the reach and capability of the Bharat Charge Alliance. This collaboration underscores the Alliance's commitment to making EV charging more accessible and convenient for users, thereby encouraging the shift towards electric mobility.

With this collaboration, the stakeholders plan to set up 5000+ public charging stations across the country by end of next fiscal year.

Previously, BCA and CHAdeMO Association had joined hands to promote interoperable charging infrastructure for LEVs in India.

The Bharat Charge Alliance is not just a testament to the collaborative spirit of India's leading EV charging entities but also a critical step towards realizing the country's clean energy ambitions. By ensuring the interoperability of chargers, the Alliance is set to significantly enhance user experience, reduce range anxiety, and ultimately, propel India towards a greener, more sustainable future.

As the Bharat Charge Alliance moves forward, it aims to drive towards a future where electric mobility enjoys a nationwide acceptance.

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