ETO awarded contract to deploy e3Ws in Ayodhya

January 16, 2024
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Ayodhya, January 16, 2024: ETO Motors, a Electric Mobility as a Service (eMaaS),player  has been awarded a contract to deploy and manage a fleet of five hundred Electric 3-Wheelers (e3Ws) in Uttar Pradesh. The Letter of Award (LoA) given by the Government of Uttar Pradesh has given ETO Motors the responsibility to deploy these Electric 3-Wheelers in the cities of Lucknow, Ayodhya, Varanasi, Prayagraj, Agra, Mathura and Gorakhpur. 

Notably, ETO Motors has received authorization to initiate the deployment with a special focus on Ayodhya, coinciding with the historic inauguration of the Temple. The strategic launch in Ayodhya aims to facilitate devotees visiting the sacred site, marking a momentous beginning for the integration of electric mobility into cultural and religious events. 

This strategic launch in Ayodhya is more than a mere infrastructural development; it is a harmonious blend of technological progress and cultural reverence. By introducing e3Ws to ferry devotees and facilitate connectivity, ETO Motors is honouring Ayodhya's historical significance while steering the city towards a sustainable future. The e3Ws symbolize a commitment to preserving the city's sanctity by reducing pollution and maintaining its pristine environment. 

ETO Motors, through this initiative, seeks to contribute to the environmental sustainability of these cities while providing efficient and eco-friendly transportation solutions. As Ayodhya embraces the electric 3-Wheelers during this auspicious occasion, it symbolizes a harmonious blend of cultural heritage and technological advancement, setting the stage for a cleaner and greener future in urban transportation across Uttar Pradesh.

Dr. Karthik S. Ponnapula, Director, ETO Motors, emphasizes the transformative impact of this initiative when he says, "We stand at the crossroads of history, integrating modern clean energy solutions with Ayodhya's timeless spirit. Our e3Ws are not just vehicles but carriers of change, driving economic growth and social empowerment while upholding our commitment to environmental stewardship." 

ETO Motors is also partnering with UBER to create a sustainable and efficient electric mobility solution for urban transportation. By combining ETO Motors' expertise in electric vehicle technology with Uber's extensive network and innovative ride-sharing platform, the partnership aims to revolutionize the way people move around cities. 

Shiva Shailendran, Director, Supply Operations, Uber India and South Asia said, “We are thrilled to partner with ETO Motors to bring EV Autorickshaws to the temple city of Ayodhya. As the city gears up to become one of the popular tourist destinations, we are committed to making the commute of tourists and locals hassle free. This partnership is in line with our commitment to offering sustainable, shared mobility options to our riders across the country."

The deployment of e3Ws is a leap towards India's vision of a zero-emission future by 2030. These vehicles are crucial for their eco-friendly nature, significantly reducing the carbon footprint and combatting air pollution. They also play a vital role in boosting the local economy by creating job opportunities and supporting the government's push towards electrification. 

In tandem with vehicle deployment, Trinity Cleantech, a subsidiary of ETO Motors, is establishing a robust network of 50-70 EV Charging stations across the targeted cities, underscoring the commitment to comprehensive electric mobility solutions. TCPL, a forward-thinking player in the electric mobility sector, has forged a strategic partnership with BPCL (Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited) to establish fast-charging infrastructure for 3-Wheel Electric Vehicles. This collaborative effort aims to roll out fast-charging stations at BPCL outlets not only in Ayodhya but also across the entire state of Uttar Pradesh. The initiative is designed to support ETO Motors in providing efficient charging solutions for its Electric 3-Wheeler fleet.

The Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI), under its Mission 50K-EV4ECO which aims at strengthening the EV ecosystem in India, has also extended financial support to deploy e3Ws and the necessary EV charging infrastructure. Shri Sivasubramanian Ramann, CMD, SIDBI said “Aligned to national net zero commitments, SIDBI has prioritised greening of enterprise eco system and digitisation of credit access. We are  working on Panch Tatva Mission comprising of Solar, EV, Energy efficiency, Nurture the nature and Waste 2 environment. The decarbonization of the transport sector is need of the hour and SIDBI launched multiple initiatives to promote electric mobility adoption in India. These are aimed at providing affordable capital to the EV ecosystem, Shell foundation supported risk sharing facilities to safeguard the EV lending and supporting the women's entrepreneurship journey in rural India. One such initiative is 50KEV4ECO where affordable financing is provided to the MSMEs interested in adopting the electric vehicles for commercial purposes. The initiative is well appreciated by the stakeholders and is seeing traction from across India. The beneficiaries include enterprises active in last-mile deliveries and connectivity, renting to users, battery swapping stations, and charging point operators.

The recent beneficiary is ETO Motors, India’s leading Electric Mobility as a Service (eMaaS) and Energy as a Service (EaaS) company focusing on providing environmentally friendly electric mobility & related Energy / Charging solutions. One of the goals of ETO Motors is to bring positive changes in society- ecologically, socially, and sustainably. SIDBI is supporting ETO Motors for the deployment of electric three-wheelers across starting from holy place of Ayodhadham. This will not only save carbon emissions but also empower women by providing them with livelihood opportunities. It is a proud moment for SIDBI to support ETO to promote women's empowerment and increase livelihood opportunities.”

ETO Motors transcends the traditional boundaries of business by intertwining their operations with a Women Empowerment programme, thus fostering an inclusive work environment that promotes gender equality and social upliftment. This initiative is particularly impactful in Ayodhya, setting a precedent for progress and inclusivity in regions with rich cultural tapestries. ETO Motors already runs an all women fleet at Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) and at the Statue of Unity in Kevadia, Gujarat. 

As ETO Motors continues to expand its fleet and partnerships with key players like  UBER, Kevadia, Delhi Metro, L&T Metro Hyderabad, Nagpur Metro  and large e-commerce companies, the company cements its position as a catalyst for change in the eMaaS landscape. 

With the 3 Es – Environment, Employment and Empowerment - ETO Motors not only aims to reduce carbon footprints but also opens up career growth opportunities, stability and entrepreneurial avenues for unemployed youth to earn a livelihood through employment generation schemes and programmes. 

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