First time tax benefits for hybrids and imported EVs in Haryana EV Policy

July 1, 2022
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Latest EV policy makes Honda City Hybrid cheaper by 2.9 lakh,

Haryana's 2022 EV Policy that has announced  2022 as "Year of the Electric Vehicles" is offering a bounty of discounts and benefits to its residents and auto industry as per a recent cabinet meeting held here under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar.

Unlike other states where Hybrids have not been accommodated for EV exemptions, Haryana is offering hybrid vehicles as a 15 per cent flat discount to at a maximum  ceiling of Rs. 3 lakh for  passenger cars costing below Rs. 40 lakh.

Thus the price of the Honda City eHEV that retails for 19.53 lakhs has got reduced by a whopping Rs2.9 lakh.

Other pure EV passenger makers including the Tata Nexon EV, Hyundai Kona, BYD vehicles will also benefit   a 15 percent discount on purchase of a car between Rs 15 lakh and Rs 40 lakh, with a maximum tax break of Rs 6 lakh.

The same offer is also extended to two wheelers, three wheelers who will have an additional benefit in terms of a full rebate in motor vehicle tax and relaxation in registration fees.

Commenting about the EV policy electric three wheeler EV maker Omega Seiki Mobility, Founder Uday Narang said "The Haryana Government's move to offer 100% rebate on motor vehicle tax for EVs is a step in a positive direction. Besides, 50% exemption on state GST for OEMs will prove to be a solid support. Hope more states follow this.”

High import tariffs have been a sore point for global EV makers to import their passenger cars. The state government plans to woo global EV makers to import their vehicles offering a likewise 15 percent discount of up to Rs 10 lakh for imported electric cars which cost between Rs 40 lakh and Rs 70 lakh.

These discounts are valid only for early bird buyers and will be discontinued later, however the date has not been specified so far.

For OEMS and component makers in all sizes micros, small, medium, large and mega  will receive 50 per cent of their SGST (State Goods and Service Tax) reimbursed by the government for a period of 10 years

Besides this mega industries in EVs will get full capital subsidy(FCI) of 20 percent of FCI or Rs 20 crore whichever is lower; the large industry will get a subsidy of 10 percent of FCI up to INR 10 crores,  medium industry 20 percent of FCI up to Rs 50 lakh, SSI units will get  20 percent of FCI up to Rs 40 lakh and micro industry 25 percent of FCI up to Rs 15 lakh.

As per the policy draft "The cities of Gurugram and Faridabad will be declared model Electric Mobility (EM) cities with phase-wise goals to adopt Electric Vehicles (EVs) and charging infrastructure to achieve 100 percent e-mobility and convert 100 percent of the bus fleet owned by Haryana State Transport Undertakings into electric buses Fuel Cell Vehicles or other non- fossil-fuel-based technologies by 2030."

In addition to this, the Department of Town and Country Planning (TCPO) shall mandatorily include the provisions for charging of electric vehicles in places such as Group Residential buildings, commercial buildings, institutional buildings, Malls, Metro Station, etc., for enabling the overall ecosystem for uptake of Electric Vehicles.

The policy alo plans to promote Research & Development in the field of EVs by granting 50 percent of the project cost up to Rs 1 crore for developing new electric charging technology and up to Rs 5 crore for developing new electric vehicle technology.

The policy also states that "a one-time subsidy of Rs 25 Lakh shall be extended to the first 20 colleges/Industrial Training Institutes/polytechnics for setting up infrastructure related to the R&D of EV."

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