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December 25, 2022
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New Delhi, 25th December 2022

Innovation in scarcity provides alternate livelihood option

  • Smart Electric Tricycle designed and developed to provide livelihood to people 
  • Autonomous venture to create cash flow for sustenance during the Covid 19 pandemic
  • Alternative green livelihood initiatives: an effective way to achieve the sustainable development goals

During Covid 19 when business for many came to a standstill AutoNxt Automation (https://autonxt.in), a technology-driven automobile startup designed and created India’s first Smart Electric Tricycle to provide a livelihood to people who lost their livelihood due to the pandemic. Also, it has brought in cash flow to the company for its sustenance at that point in time. It has been noted that the differently abled people in India have been utilizing three-wheeled vehicles which were hand cranked as it is cost-effective in comparison to other modes of transportation for short distances and it makes them independent to move from one location to another. 

There are over 18 million Indians who are physically challenged out of which 69% live in Rural areas. The hand-cranked three-wheeled vehicles are difficult to operate as it takes a lot of strength to pedal, especially while climbing slopes which are very commonly found in rural areas. The alternate Electric or motorized Three-wheels vehicles were not feasible and sustainable for an average individual. AutoNxt team saw this as a very big problem that needed to be solved and developed by interviewing over 100+ differently abled physically challenged individuals, they designed their Three-wheel Electric vehicle which they named AzaadE – as this provides Independence from Dependence.

The Smart Electric Tricycle developed by AutoNxt is reliable and built with highly efficient body parts which include a bright led headlamp and horn, waterproof charger connectors, an ice box, high torque geared motor, and a reliable lightweight charger. It has a BMX-style handle, dual suspensions for extra comfort, front wheel disc brake & back wheel electric brake, LED Light and Horn, switch controlled reverse gear for ease of ride, and rust-proof multi-colour paint like Black, Blue, and Red. There are 2-in-1 models also available which have both motor power as well as hand cranked facility. 

This tricycle can run at a maximum speed of 25 km per hour. They are offering Lithium based batteries that work for up to 5 years, compared to the lead-acid batteries which work for only 6 months, that are given in basic electric tricycles. Since the differently abled people find it difficult to get jobs for themselves, AutoNxt gave features in their special models like a foldable table, Icebox, and a roof that made the Electric Tricycle a mobile shop, that enabled the physically challenged individuals to set up shops of their own anywhere they wanted. They have already sold more than 1000 units to Individuals, various dealers, government bodies, and NGOs.

 "We are extremely proud in introducing India’s first smart electric tricycles.  During Covid19 pandemic, this idea came to our mind as almost everything including the manufacturing business was on standstill and we were waiting for the spare parts to reach us from different vendors for tractor development. In the meantime, we designed our smart electric tricycle and made its production ready. With the expertise of our Co-founder and COO Mr. Pankaj Goyal, we got the manufacturing cost reduced and the assembly process streamlined to increase our capacity. The sales of this unique innovation have accelerated and helped us with the cash flows during those times for our sustenance. Now, it has become an autonomous business that brings sustainable cash flows for the company with a business development manager and an assembly team that takes care of the end-to-end business of smart EV tricycles for the company. We wanted to contribute to our country positively with what was built, and the E-Tricycle helped our business not only survive but also thrive during those uncertain times of Covid-19. Now it truly feels like we got the blessings of all our differently abled brothers and sisters who found our product, life changing” said Kaustubh Dhonde, Founder & CEO of AutoNxt Automation.

Thereafter, the company's tricycle business evolved into an independent enterprise based on the prospects for the domestic transportation sector in India at the same time. When the industry continues to advance and India begins to embrace the e-mobility sector, this segment will take the lead and move into the commercial arena, paving the way for the provision of "Sustainable Living" in the future.

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