Sustainable startups transforming the EV Tech industry

January 31, 2023
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January 31, 2023: Innovation is driving change in the tech industry, with startups at the forefront of this transformation. Sustainability has become a priority for both companies and the planet. To support environmental efforts, a new wave of sustainable startups is emerging. The following startups are making a significant impact with their focus on cutting carbon emissions, promoting green spaces, and promoting sustainable lifestyles.

Tummoc: Tummoc, based in Bangalore, is India’s first patented multi-modal public transport app that provides real-time public transport information and last-mile connectivity. The app makes using public transportation a more enjoyable experience by gamifying the user experience by calculating the time saved and the amount of carbon saved by using public transportation instead of a private vehicle. Tummoc is currently available in 17 cities and has a 4.5-star rating on Google Play Store.

iGowise Mobility: iGowise Mobility, also based in Bangalore, is a sustainable mobility company with a goal of moving one million people a day by 2025. The company provides both public rapid and personal rapid transit services. iGowise is committed to providing safe, sustainable, and dignified urban mobility through user-centric and technology-driven products.

BluSmart: BluSmart is a Gurugram-based start-up and India’s first all-electric ride-sharing platform that is recognized for its efficiency, affordability, and intelligent mobility. The company was founded in January 2019 by Anmol Singh Jaggi, Puneet Singh Jaggi, and Punit K Goyal and has since partnered with Mahindra & Mahindra and Tata Motors. BluSmart is committed to reducing carbon emissions and has received recognition for its efforts in this area.

Yulu: Yulu is a Bengaluru-based micro-mobility platform that integrates urban mobility across public and private modes of transportation. The company, founded in 2017 by Amit Gupta, Naveen Dachuri, RK Misra, and Hemant Gupta, is known for its eco-friendly transportation options. Yulu uses IoT, AI, and machine learning to make urban mobility in India more seamless, sharable, and sustainable.

In conclusion, these startups are working to make transportation more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Tummoc, iGowise Mobility, BluSmart, and Yulu are all making a significant impact in the industry and are leading the way towards a more sustainable future.

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